Product Name : MK-120B
Product Introduction
  • Multifunction copper bending tool with ㄇ-type, L-type, N-type and crimp terminals dies.
  • Replaceable die desing, suitable for switchboards, power distribution engineering work, simple operation, easy to carry.
  • BH specifications with copper up to 100A of 3mm, 50A~75A with 2mm copper, under 50A with 1mm copper.
 Item   Name   Length 
 Specification of Die   A   B   Thickness
 MK-120B   Multifunctional Copper 
 Bending Hand Tool 
570 3980  MK-1001  15   10   1
 MK-1002 15 10  2
 MK-1003  - -  under 3
 MK-1004 -  10 under 3
 MK-1005  Terminal 10-50 mm2