Labor-Saving Crimping PlierLabor-Saving Crimping Plier

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Model number: MH-05S

Product Description

MARLOW CRIMPING TOOLS offers a series of ergonomics terminal crimping tools for electricians, builders, and diy users.

Feature of MH-05S/08S/14S/22S/38S Crimping Plier :
  • Elastomer grips cushion to minimize hand and finger fatigue when using.
  • Precision ratchet system makes it stable to crimp.

Product Introduction

  • Ultra-effort-saving type !! Use leverage, springtype contraction Pressing force can be more easily reduced pressure, light and easy to carry.
  • Suitable for crimping bare terminal.
 Item  Length(mm)  Weight(g)  Applicable CrimpingRange(mm²)  Remark 
 MH-05S 1762401.5,2.5,6 Point  
 MH-08S2353841.5,2.5,6,10 Point 
 MH-14S2434051.5,2.5,6,10,16 Point 
 MH-22S 3306806,10,16,25 Point 
 MH-38S33468610,16,25,50 Point